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How to Impress a Client With Your Work

How to Impress a Client With Your Work

Congratulations! You landed your first project, whether it be on Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, it doesn’t matter what platform you are using, you want to make sure to impress a client so that a big, fat five star review is posted on your profile. When that happens you will be well on your way to a successful freelancing career, so, without any more blabbering, let’s get started.

First of all, you should maintain your employer updated, unless he seems annoyed at too many messages, (quite uncommon) with all the progress that you make. Also, if you ask some questions about how the project should be done, and if they are not too obvious, the employer will feel like their project is taken care of, and will most likely answer them gladly.

When you are doing the project, add those small details that give the finished piece that final sprinkle of quality that makes your work stand out from the rest.

If you are writing, send the article formatted and edited in a professional looking manner, even though you were only asked to write the rough content. Adding a plagiarism checker report (of course totalling 100% original!) also gives that extra reassurance to the employer.

If you are doing a design, add some mockups of how the finished piece will look when applied as the employer wants to, such as the logo in a mug, shirt. Or their business card seen from different perspectives. This is very useful to the employer, and will of course impress him, even adding a little something here and there may result in a better response from the client.

All of this extra work eventually pays out, as it will be more likely that your employer contacts you again for more work, and will be more comfortable to pay more for an assured good result.

Ultimately, you freelance for money, but you also want to keep employers happy and make the internet market more popular and to the reach of more and more people, that way, more projects are posted, more businesses are opened and people are happy, it’s a win win. You can contribute to that system, and to your wallet, by always going the extra mile for every employer you work with.

Now go on and complete that project, make it the first of many, and don’t forget to keep your client happy!

How To Build a Personal Brand For Work at Home Jobs

How To Build a Personal Brand For Work at Home Jobs

When you work from home in sites such as Freelancer, Fiverr, or UpWork, sometimes it may be difficult to get yourself noticed with the tremendous amount of competition there is, and everyone seems to ask the same: How do I get my overall ranking up?

Well there are a lot of ways to do so, but one of the most effective one is creating your very own brand, there are some steps that you will have to follow to achieve the highest potential, but in the long run it will be worth it, since your brand can be used on more than one freelancing website, and will make yourself stand out from the crowd in each platform you decide to participate in.

Note, one of the things that you must keep in mind at all times is your target audience, in this case clients. You want to appeal to them, so do some research, or if you are not a starter freelancer, revise from previous experiences what clients like and dislike and try to build up from that.

If you are an artist try to make your brand creative and colorful, if in the other hand you are a writer/translator, then you should use more calm colors arranged in an orderly manner, remember you are also trying to engage your clients via trust/feelings, you can evoke those by choosing the proper brand image.

First of all you need a freelancing alias and a logo, this will come in handy when you create your profile in freelancing platforms, think of a clever name, don’t go with the conventional, go ahead and do something creative.

For the logo, it’s okay to invest some money into its development if you don’t know how to do one.

But if you are an artist it is highly recommended that it is made by you, since this is the first thing a client is going to see when your profile pops up, and it can be the difference between having a long term, high paying job and having no job whatsoever.

After you are done with this, you should take it a step further and make a webpage and a portfolio, the website should follow the same aesthetics as you logo, and it should represent who you are. Here you will have the opportunity to present yourself formally and give the people a little taste of what you are capable of. Even though this may sound complex, there are many applications that will make the creation of your page infinitely easier, these include WordPress, Wix, among others.

You should have a portfolio section, in which you should have some of your past successful work, this will give the client an idea on what to expect and could give you an edge when it comes to those big juicy projects, if you don’t have any previous experience, go ahead and do some samples. Write about any topic if you are a writer, design a logo or a webpage if you are into graphic design, program a simple app if that’s what you do. Make sure that your skill shows.

Finally, you will need to make good use out of the memberships each of the sites offer, and develop a marketing technique. This one is a little trickier and may take some time to perfect, but it will pay off in more ways than you can imagine.

Let’s take as an example. The memberships will give you additional “bids” you can make in a defined time period, as well as impulsing your overall rank.

There are also many offers you can take advantage of these memberships, such as the yearly memberships and the special discount days. Needless to say, you need to be sure of what you are doing and have prior experience in the website to make sure that, in the end, it is profitable.

Lastly, and in the opinion of many, the most difficult part: developing a marketing technique. There are many types of marketing techniques, but the ones recommended, and easier to follow, are the social media marketing and the physical advertisement strategies.

For the first one you have two options, either create a page for you brand, or advertise it in your personal profile, or both. Nevertheless it is recommended to make your own profile with the aid of your existing website, you can then start a marketing campaign with the help of your personal account to start moving traffic into your page, and as a result, a higher amount of work.

The second option is recommended if you are working in a local based site, or with a certain company, this type of advertisement can get your network levels higher per zone, the only thing you need to find is the right audience and place.

All of these things will help you stand out, and have a clear picture of what you want. It will also make it easier to develop some marketing strategies, since sharing a link to your web page is way more simple and professional than many other methods.

And so, you are ready, now that you have your own brand, get ready to work, and remember, patience and perseverance will always be your allies, so if you haven’t already started building your brand now, go on and see the improvement for yourself.

3 Ways to Make Your Profile Attractive on Freelancer

3 Ways to Make Your Profile Attractive on Freelancer

When you try to work at home some of the most reliable way to get a steady income are crowdsourcing websites, such as Fiverr or Freelancer, here you can put your skills to the test in an international market, where people from all over the world see what you are capable of.

These sites can be great because they attend the necessity of different people, some need articles written, others need income, and it serves the purpose for both sides, but there’s a downside, in such a big market and where people only want the best, it is sometimes difficult to get yourself noticed if you are just getting started, since there are many options for where to choose, here are some tips that will definitely make yourself rise in the ranking.

1. Get specialized. Choose one thing that you would like to do, and make your profile around that idea, it is better to have something that you are great at than having multiple different ambits that you are decent at, this will help your ranking in that certain category rise therefore making you a more suitable option the next time you approach a client, with time you will also learn to perfect your techniques for that specific activity and to eventually arrive to your full potential.

2. Be patient. When you talk to a client of when you bid for a project, the patience always pay off, if you are patient and persistent enough you will eventually find a client that loves your job.

3. Get certified. In Freelancer, for instance, there are exams that you can take in order to let your clients know that you are good at something, this is highly recommended especially at the beginning, this way you can assure your client that you have the skill required for his/her work, this also counts for your overall ranking, and it is shown every time you make a bid, so don’t hesitate, there is often a small payment, but if you are positive that you can complete and pass the exam, then in the long run, it will pay off in more than one way.

How To Bid on Freelancer Jobs

How To Bid on Freelancer Jobs


I can define a proper bid as a detailed insight on how will you complete a project and what tools you will use. It also highlights your skills, and ultimately, gives off a good impression to the employer and lands you more work.

Even if you have excellent English writing skills, a bid should be written using different techniques. The basics to write an excellent bid are here on this article. Enjoy.

1. Use formal English.

It doesn’t matter if you are a programmer or a designer, or any non-writing specialist. If you use formal English, you will cause a strong impression. Use what you learnt in school, proofread your bid and make sure that the sentence structure is on point.

2. Explain why you are the best.

If you are a designer, talk about your education as a designer, or about how well you use certain software, and how you can provide the best results with it.

If you are a writer, explain why your content will keep readers engaged and interested, and of course, make sure that you are doing the same with the employer.

You get me by now. Highlight what you can do best and you will succeed.

3. Keep your price reasonable.

This does not specifically regard the body of the bids, but it is very important to keep in mind that employers are hiring online looking for the best prices, and with so many options available with just a few clicks, you want to make sure you are among the best.

If you are a new user to the platform you are in, don’t be greedy, stay well below the average for your first couple of projects, and make sure that you deliver the best, then you can begin charging more based on your reputation.

There are a lot more aspects on bid writing, but those are usually complemented by your profile just make sure that you always appear professional, with a tone of friendly.

I hope this helps you land more gigs, and remember, don’t lose your patience, there are some days in this websites where all the big fishes are out for work, but if you keep bidding and being constant, you will eventually be among them.

Happy hunting!

How to Choose a Site to Work on, From Your House

How to Choose a Site to Work on, From Your House

Having a desk job can be good, but what if you could do the thing you love as work, from your house. Well now you can! There are many websites out there specialized in making jobs for people, some of these website are: Freelancer, Fiverr, Guru, Craigslist, among many others.

Every single one of them specializes in something different but, still serve the same purpose, they allow you to cooperate from people around the world, meeting their needs, and of course you get paid. All from the comfort of your house… No more strict schedules, or extra hours, on this market you are the one who decides what to do, and when to do it.

Even though there are many pros to freelancing, there are also some cons, such as the need of finding your target audience or the initial struggle to get in touch with a potential client being a beginner user on a workplace website.

So how can you choose from so many options? Here is how…

First of all decide what you are good on, decide on what you will work on, from there you can determine the type of site you are looking for.

If you are a good writer or translator, then you might want to look into Freelancer or Fiverr, in here you will easily find your way through, as they are very intuitive pages, and even though there are lot of people, you will surely find plenty of work due to the high demand and the traffic this webpages receive.

But, in the other hand, what if you are good at design? Then you would want to find a page like 99Design, which supports all kinds of logo and design projects and competitions, here you can let your imagination run, and with a little luck and perseverance, you will have your wallet full in no time.

What if there are no websites that are specialized on what I want to do? Worry not, there are plenty of sites that support all types of projects, such as UpWork, here you will be able to find projects that range from architecture, goods delivering, voice actors, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Give the “work form home” pages a try, and see for yourself how easy it can be to make money on your own.

3 Ways to Know if An Online Job Website is a Scam

3 Ways to Know if An Online Job Website is a Scam

There are a few ways you can get money online. One of the most trust-worthy and legitimate ones is working for corporations or individuals in the web.

There are a lot of advantages to doing this rather than Freelancing in your area, the most obvious one being that your clients are a lot more.

it is relatively easy to get work online, the problem is that many websites take advantage of this, and can lead you to work for free, or charge you for memberships or signing up, and then not letting you withdraw your earnings. Now the question you are probably asking is “How can I avoid that?” The truth is, that without researching you cannot know. Luckily, we’ve gathered a few indicators that the site you are trying to work in is not legitimate.

1. The website does not have an https:// type dominion.

If your website does not have this “https://” before its actual internet address, it probably means that the website is not legitimate. This verification requires the website to pass tests and have some experience already in the internet.

This is not a reliable indicator of a scam website by itself, but if the website seems suspicious already, you can say that the webpage you are in is not safe.

This is because scammers are looking for quick money, to scam a few people and then get off the web to avoid any problems, so they won’t bother with going to the process of getting this security confirmation.

2. The website does not have any active user base.

Websites like Freelancer or Fiverr have a strong user base, that often post in the social media pages of said websites. They express their thoughts, be it negative or positive, and have some interaction with the webpage managers. if your site does not have a social media page, and people are not speaking of it in those media, then it is probably a scam.

3. The website does not accept PayPal.

PayPal is a way of getting and sending money quickly and safely. This payment processor only operates on websites who are legitimate, because if a part is not happy with what they get, they can dispute the cash and most likely, PayPal will take care of it and make a fair retribution to the user.

If your website does not offer PayPal as an option, it means that the website does not offer any refunds and it is not willing to take part in a dispute. You can safely assume that the website is not legitimate.

Of course, there are many other factors that can tell you if a site is legitimate or not, but it all comes down to your judgement, hopefully improved by this list. Happy earning!

Making Income As a Developer

Making Income As a Developer

There are many options to choose from when deciding the type of work you want to do when you work from home. One such position is a great way to make a living and gives most people high work satisfaction, but does require technical training. This position is that of a Computer Programmer.

Obtaining a position as a remote Computer Programmer (also known as Software Developer) is a little more challenging than an equivalent position in an office. While the skills needed are the same, there are many more companies that have real estate and office space for their employees, or are not fond of the idea of not being able to closely monitor their employees. Obtaining this kind of remote position usually requires several years of experience working as a programmer and also knowledge of the same technologies/languages needed for the particular job.

The way a programmer can work remotely is they are able to connect to the company’s code base through online VCS (Version Control Software). The programmer will use an IDE (Integrated Developer Environment) to connect to the VCS and have access to the code in order to work on and update it. VCS allows many programmers to work on the code simultaneously and gives elegant ways to deal with conflicting code changes. The code remote programmers work on helps operate things such as websites, machines used in stores to check out, gas station pumps, and keep track of important data for companies, the government, and more.

According to various websites – The pay rate for remote software developers can fall within the range of ($50,000/year to $70,000/year) depending on the Company, experience of the programmer, and what the code is used for. If you are a developer with 1 – 2 years of experience, you can expect to get paid $50,000 – $70,000 a year for working remotely as a developer. Usually as years pass, companies will give annual bonuses/salary increases. Also, you may find that you would like to start your own company and develop your own code, which would give you the ability to make as much money as your business could output value for.

Interested in learning more about the lucrative world of developing software? Check out our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest programs and opportunities! You never know when we’ll find room in a training session or two. We Also always want to help encourage our viewers to contact us below if they’re interested in any consulting or coaching with these online strategies. We have affordable packages that help with your success and get you started with many less headaches.

Earnings Disclaimer:  Actual earnings can vary based on a case to case situation. We encourage every reader to do their due diligence before investing any considerable amount of time or money into any venture.

How To Become a Freelancer

How To Become a Freelancer

What do you really love to do? Have you ever thought about being able to do work that you love from the comfort of your home?

Let me tell you one story from a successful freelancer who has been through it all, and also has some tips to give you on how to do this yourself.

Here is his story:

“First of all, I decided to quit college and go the non-conventional route of attending a 9-week programming boot camp to kick start my career.

I got my first programming job less than a week after the camp ended. I worked at that job for three months, then quit and moved across the country, having to look for another job to help support my new life. I was out of work for a few months, struggling, and doing small programming jobs here and there and then it happened.

I received a voicemail about a remote programming job opportunity. My fiancée told me she had a good feeling about that call and told me I should call the guy back which I did.

Now, who said finding remote work would be difficult to accomplish? Would you be surprised to know I obtained that remote programming position after having to go to as little as two meetings (a total of 1-2 hours dealing with people)?

I still work at this job, and have been a professional programmer for 12 months now. I really enjoy the work I do.”

Don’t be afraid to explore the unconventional routes of starting your dream career. Consider starting out small, because making money for the first time doing what you love will help you stay excited and focused for continuing to pursue this route. Go explore online freelancer communities that allow you to bid on jobs. Surely if you stay at it, you will receive your first job to start your new career in no time!

I wake up in the morning, and can start working on my computer in two minutes and so can you! It is a great feeling to have a more flexible schedule and be able to access your work whenever you need or want. Just remember to not overwork yourself!


We always want to help encourage our viewers to contact us below if they’re interested in any consulting or coaching with these online strategies. We have affordable packages that help with your success and get you started with many less headaches.

Earnings Disclaimer:  Actual earnings can vary based on a case to case situation. We encourage every reader to do their due diligence before investing any considerable amount of time or money into any venture.

How To Avoid Job Scams

How To Avoid Job Scams

“Make 10,000 dollars in one day!” “Fill out this survey and make 500 dollars!” We have all seen statements similar to these when looking for work at home jobs. Some of these offers sound too good to be true and as the old saying goes, they usually are. So how do you protect yourself when it seems as though there are endless work at home job opportunities online?

The most important step in the process is to research, research, and research! Search for the company online. See what other sites have to say and what type of information you can find out about the company. Try to find multiple reviews about the site and also experiences that people had with the company before giving any personal information away. One particular site (and probably others) will show you if an employer is “verified” meaning they have put their own money into their online account. This feature is a handy tool to cipher out some of the less trustworthy jobs online.

An important thing to do is ask lots of questions to understand what the employer is asking for. If something doesn’t sound right, use your judgment, as you may be dealing with a scam. Whenever an employer is vague or requires you to do some action such as paying them a fee, it is likely a scam. Another thing is if they are not able to be reached by phone, unless there is a good reason, they may be scammers. One last thought, if they send an email with countless misspellings, they are likely not a professional company, but a scammer!

It would be nearly impossible to have a successful, sustaining career working from home without encountering a scam or two. Just remember these tips, and you will save yourself a lot of trouble down the road!

Staying Focused At Your Home Job

Staying Focused At Your Home Job

Have you ever found it really hard to concentrate while working at home? Maybe the television is calling you to watch the latest episode of your favorite show or the dirty laundry in the hamper is just screaming, “Wash me now”!! Another problem that may exist is that the bed is in such close proximity it may be extremely tempting to go back to sleep for just a little bit. With any obstacle however there are solutions and ways to keep your mind focused. Below are six tips to help beat losing concentration while working at home

  1. Meditate. Ok I want you to sit on the floor, cross your legs, put your two fingers of each hand together, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. Well ok, it doesn’t have to be exactly like that but you get the picture. Meditation has been known to reduce anxiety and decrease stress levels, as well as provide numerous other benefits.
  2. Take regular breaks. Even though you are working at home it is essential to get up and take a moment away from your work at regular intervals.
  3. Take a walk or a run, depending on how ambitious you are feeling. Exercise has been known to increase endorphins and help clear your mind.

4. Have a work area that is away from distractions and clutter free. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but if the t.v. is just staring at you while you are working, it may be easier to give in to temptation.

5. Have a creative outlet for stress.

6. Get plenty of sleep. Having a good night’s rest is vital to having a great day. This includes your productivity and concentration when you work.

7. Put on a song that you love and have a quick singing at the top of your lungs moment.

Although some of these tips may be obvious, sometimes the simplest things are most easily forgotten!