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Day: September 18, 2015

Ways To Earn Working From Home

Ways To Earn Working From Home

We’ve seen the ads everywhere, Make money online working from home. Sounds great in theory, right? Amazingly enough, there are some great ways to make income online and we’ve decided to put the spotlight on 3 of them. Some of them make less than money at the start but all 3 have the chance to grow and increase in earnings.

1) Freelance Writer

Enjoy sitting on your deck with your tablet writing to your heart’s content? This could be the job for you! Sadly, it’s not as easy as simply placing your name out on the web and you start making money…It actually takes quite a bit of coordination and strategy; However, it’s completely realistic to make life-changing money. Lets consider some people on the Amazon Kindle marketplace. There are some people who write up simple ‘How-To’ ebooks and generate a few thousand dollars per month from $1.99 transactions…


  • They make sure to create a quality product
  • They see where the demand is.
  • They get positive reviews.
  • They give away the book for free to gather reviews!!

It’s honestly quite amazing how many other options there are when it comes to writing and typing jobs…We actually spell out a few more tips in our newsletter.


2) Youtube Video Creator

Sure, it’s not exactly typing, but if you’re creating content and getting paid to do it, why not feature it as an option? This particular line of work certainly requires a bit of skill, but if you’re able to overcome the steep learning curve, you’ll be financially rewarded. What does it take to make it on Youtube?

1) Decent recording and editing software – Certainly, people can film and upload things straight from their smartphones so most people will have a recording device. Editing software is important though when it comes to making content fun and appealing. Go ahead and check out ‘Funny Cat Videos’ or ‘Hilarious Videos From 2015’ to see some examples of people editing and getting millions of hits.

2) Several uploads/attempts. Rarely people will upload their first video and get thousands, even millions of views. It takes time to build up an account to have followers and loyal viewers.

Check out Youtube Gaming as well – You literally stream playing video games!


3) Sell Crafts Online

We’ve all seen the sites – Etsy, Amazon, Ebay and others…People who stay at home and build useful trinkets or creative arts to sell for part time income. If you haven’t heard of these places, check out Etsy before reading the rest of this. Lets say you love to paint…You can go and paint some watercolor paintings on canvas…Perhaps spice it up with a unique frame and then sell it online. It’s a very simple process and the website takes care of the financial side of things. What you need to do is…

1) Create a product that people want!

Check out the marketplace and see whats selling…Not just whats popular, but what you think you can make!! Have a cute idea for a gift basket? Make that – Literally go to the store, buy some items and put it in a basket!


There are MANY other ways to reach $36/hr working online…It just takes patience and hard work. We always want to help encourage our viewers to contact us below if they’re interested in any consulting or coaching with these online strategies. We have affordable packages that help with your success and get you started with many less headaches.


Earnings Disclaimer:  Actual earnings can vary based on a case to case situation. We encourage every reader to do their due diligence before investing any considerable amount of time or money into any venture.