Working From Home? Interesting Habits?

Lets be honest. When you’re sitting in your townhouse all day, thoughts and ideas can start to get a little crazy! Could you imagine never walking outside for over 2 days? That gets a little nuts. I wanted to share some of the funny habits I’ve developed to help relieve me from the craziness of working from home.

Whenever The clock strikes 12, I look upon the balcony an decide that its time to join the human race once again…And what a better way than to head out for a cup of coffee or a delicious burger? The choices really are endless and after a profitable morning, its exciting to choose something to do!

After I finish working at the end of the day, I try to be intentional about leaving the house and doing something outside of the office. I feel like its really important to give yourself space outside of the office because you’ll probably go crazy sitting in the office forever!


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