Staying Focused At Your Home Job

Have you ever found it really hard to concentrate while working at home? Maybe the television is calling you to watch the latest episode of your favorite show or the dirty laundry in the hamper is just screaming, “Wash me now”!! Another problem that may exist is that the bed is in such close proximity it may be extremely tempting to go back to sleep for just a little bit. With any obstacle however there are solutions and ways to keep your mind focused. Below are six tips to help beat losing concentration while working at home

  1. Meditate. Ok I want you to sit on the floor, cross your legs, put your two fingers of each hand together, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. Well ok, it doesn’t have to be exactly like that but you get the picture. Meditation has been known to reduce anxiety and decrease stress levels, as well as provide numerous other benefits.
  2. Take regular breaks. Even though you are working at home it is essential to get up and take a moment away from your work at regular intervals.
  3. Take a walk or a run, depending on how ambitious you are feeling. Exercise has been known to increase endorphins and help clear your mind.

4. Have a work area that is away from distractions and clutter free. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but if the t.v. is just staring at you while you are working, it may be easier to give in to temptation.

5. Have a creative outlet for stress.

6. Get plenty of sleep. Having a good night’s rest is vital to having a great day. This includes your productivity and concentration when you work.

7. Put on a song that you love and have a quick singing at the top of your lungs moment.

Although some of these tips may be obvious, sometimes the simplest things are most easily forgotten!


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