Scheduling Jobs at Home

Scheduling Jobs at Home

Now that you are working from home, your schedule may be very different than a typical 9-5 job. If your work-at-home job allows you to determine your own schedule, then try to find out which hours of the day are the most productive and convenient for you to work. Some people are night owls who work better at night, and others wake up in the morning invigorated with a fresh mind and are ready to start working.

It is important to have consistency in what time you start and finish your work, but that is not always feasible, as life can take on unexpected turns. Sometimes a range of times to start and finish is better than strict times. It allows for you to take care of other small things around the house or for the family. You should also schedule bouts of time for entertainment or times with your family intermittently throughout the day so your brain doesn’t explode.

In addition to daily schedules, think about schedules based on other time-intervals. These include weekly, monthly, and annual schedules. Creating milestones of your goals will help keep your schedules up-to-date and make it easier to update them as needed. One way to create these schedules is to base them off of yearly goals and then break them down into monthly goals, then weekly goals, and then daily goals. If you want to break it down even more for you minute detail oriented folks, you could set hourly goals.

One such example would be that of owning your own pen-selling business. Your overall goal is to increase the income of your business until it reaches $400,000 a year so you can retire early and take care of your family. By what time do you want to accomplish this goal? In the following year, set a goal that will help you reach this goal ultimately: An example is “This year, I want my company to make $200,000”. Now how would you accomplish this? You would need to produce more pens, and get more people to buy your pens, all the while keeping your costs as low as possible and the quality of your service as high as possible. Now you can only make so many pens yourself. Your monthly goal could be “I want to hire two new employees that are skilled at making my unique pens and are very quick. Also I want to increase the exposure of my company on the internet and locally.” Your weekly goal could be “I need to put up ten ads and talk to at least 20 people this week in order to find the two right candidates for making these pens. I also need to hire an experienced web developer who is also good at marketing to create a website for me that will sell my pens.” Your goal for today could be “Make 50 pens and schedule 5 interviews for candidates for making the pens. Try to reach out to 5 web developers online. Tell them about the business and ask about their services.”

Hopefully this has given you things to think about when creating a schedule for your work.

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