How To Start Freelancing

How To Start Freelancing

What do you really love to do? Have you ever thought about being able to do work that you love from the comfort of your home?

Let me tell you one story from a successful freelancer who has been through it all, and also has some tips to give you on how to do this yourself.

Here is his story:

“First of all, I decided to quit college and go the non-conventional route of attending a 9-week programming boot camp to kick start my career.

I got my first programming job less than a week after the camp ended. I worked at that job for three months, then quit and moved across the country, having to look for another job to help support my new life. I was out of work for a few months, struggling, and doing small programming jobs here and there and then it happened.

I received a voicemail about a remote programming job opportunity. My fiancée told me she had a good feeling about that call and told me I should call the guy back which I did.

Now, who said finding remote work would be difficult to accomplish? Would you be surprised to know I obtained that remote programming position after having to go to as little as two meetings (a total of 1-2 hours dealing with people)?

I still work at this job, and have been a professional programmer for 12 months now. I really enjoy the work I do.”

Don’t be afraid to explore the unconventional routes of starting your dream career. Consider starting out small, because making money for the first time doing what you love will help you stay excited and focused for continuing to pursue this route. Go explore online freelancer communities that allow you to bid on jobs. Surely if you stay at it, you will receive your first job to start your new career in no time!

I wake up in the morning, and can start working on my computer in two minutes and so can you! It is a great feeling to have a more flexible schedule and be able to access your work whenever you need or want. Just remember to not overwork yourself!

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  1. I am 52 years old and have just moved from Botswana to the UK.
    I have been farming all my life and have found I have a particular flare for designing and developing farms (usually extensive beef ranches).
    My forté is really in the mapping and designing of the farm with a view to sustainable and efficient production; and then laying it all out for the sub contractors to get on with.
    Botswana’s farming industry is very, very slow, for various reasons, but there should be lots of places where these skills are necessary and in demand.

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