How To Avoid Job Scams

“Make 10,000 dollars in one day!” “Fill out this survey and make 500 dollars!” We have all seen statements similar to these when looking for work at home jobs. Some of these offers sound too good to be true and as the old saying goes, they usually are. So how do you protect yourself when it seems as though there are endless work at home job opportunities online?

The most important step in the process is to research, research, and research! Search for the company online. See what other sites have to say and what type of information you can find out about the company. Try to find multiple reviews about the site and also experiences that people had with the company before giving any personal information away. One particular site (and probably others) will show you if an employer is “verified” meaning they have put their own money into their online account. This feature is a handy tool to cipher out some of the less trustworthy jobs online.

An important thing to do is ask lots of questions to understand what the employer is asking for. If something doesn’t sound right, use your judgment, as you may be dealing with a scam. Whenever an employer is vague or requires you to do some action such as paying them a fee, it is likely a scam. Another thing is if they are not able to be reached by phone, unless there is a good reason, they may be scammers. One last thought, if they send an email with countless misspellings, they are likely not a professional company, but a scammer!

It would be nearly impossible to have a successful, sustaining career working from home without encountering a scam or two. Just remember these tips, and you will save yourself a lot of trouble down the road!


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