What is Freelancer and How to Use It

First of all, let’s define what Freelancer is and what it is for. Freelancer is a online website where, via crowdsourcing, people can find a way to develop their projects, with help of users from all around the world, with a wide array of things to offer. The site works with a project and bid system where multiple users can bid at once in a single task, but it is only awarded to one of them.

In this site we have two types of users, the Client and the Employee, at the beginning the Client will post a project in the site, where he will specify the type of project along with a brief description of what he expects, then he will set a price range, and lastly he will publish the project.

Now it is the time for the Employee to do his part, when a project is published all users will get a notification in the “Project Feed”. After deciding if the project is suitable for the Employee, he will have to write a “bid” where he will have to present himself to the Client, and he will write a brief text, explaining why he is capable of completing the project, and why he is the best for said work. Lastly he must decide a price in which he is comfortable doing the project.

All the users are then displayed to the employer, ordered by a complex algorithm developed by the site, that takes into account various elements such as overall reviews, amount of projects, payment average, and certifications.

Once this happens the Client will have the chance to read all the bids from the different users and decide which one he/she likes the best, after picking both the Client and the Employee, may have a conversation via private message, where they can discuss in detail the task and requirements. Once they have settled on a price and deadline, the Client will award the project to the Employee, and the payment will be released when the project is completed.

When the work is done and delivered, the client is happy, and all the payment is released, the project will be finished, then both the Client and the Employee will have chance to write a review where they can say if they liked their experience with the other user as well as delivering a rating out of five stars. A five star rating is crucial to a starter Freelancer (make sure to get one in your first project!)

Hopefully this helped you. If you are interested in signing up, you can do so in Freelancer.com
Good luck!

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