The Importance of Timing as a Freelancer

In a quickly growing number of countries “working from home” has been an even-faster growing concept, as a result we get sites like “Freelancer” or “Fiverr”. These websites are designed to create jobs for people and make the complex affairs of these businesses easier for both parties, all right from the commodity of your couch.

In the last years the popularity of these websites has grown exponentially, since it not only helps employees, but it also serves as an easy and reliable way to complete certain projects for the employees.

But enough of this. If you are reading this, it is most likely because you know the basics, and you even know how to manage around the “obscure” part of the freelancing world, but it is never late to learn a couple of tricks, even if you are already making a steady income from your couch.

One of the main problems on these type of sites that freelancers face, is the immense amount of competition but, believe it or not, this is helpful for the credibility of the site, hence bringing a steady amount of work to the freelancers that use the site. The trick to avoid getting overwhelmed, and evade getting stuck behind some big freelancing agency that is taking all the jobs is… TIMING.

Timing is essential, and might be the difference between a successful freelancer career and a total failure, “How so?” you may ask, well one of the main strengths that you must develop when you work in sites like these, is vision, you need to be able to analyze each situation that comes with every single project posted, and play your cards right in order to get the largest amount of projects possible in the shortest span of time.

Here are some tips that might give you an edge;

Be on the lookout in weekends and holidays:
Let’s be real, no one likes working on days-off, but if you have time and want a little extra cash in your pocket, this might just be the time for you. Here you can find people in need for an urgent school project or a businessman asking for a last minute project, these sort of people are usually willing to pay more for a faster completion, and it can even end up in a prosper long term relationship, where money will be constantly flowing into your bank account.

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