How To Schedule Yourself For Working at Home

Everyone wants some extra income, don’t they? Well, that extra income costs time.
And not everyone has one or two hours of free time to invest in freelancing… Or so they think.

In my opinion, if you manage all of your daily tasks in a smart way, and maybe sacrifice 30 minutes of your sleep time, everyone is able to generate a solid, and exponentially growing extra income.

Without further ado, let’s get started with some tips to get some spare time for Freelancing.

Use your weekends.
This one is probably the most obvious one. Many people have weekends almost free of responsibilities, so you can use that time you have to Freelance in the platform of your choice. One thing I can tell you is that at a certain time of the weekends, employers are seemingly more willing to pay for projects that in other times of the week, so make use of that, and utilize your weekends if you can.

Reduce the time you take doing the most difficult tasks
What in the world does that mean? Allow me to explain with an example. Let’s take the “Freelancer” platform as an example. The ones who are familiar with this platform or similar ones, know that the most tedious task is bidding on projects, and probably takes about 90% of the time you spend in the platform (of course excluding working in projects!)

So, if a lot of your time gets consumed on bidding or anything else. Find a way of shortening the time it takes you. For bidding, you can create a template and just fill the blank spaces according to the project you are looking at.

If a software you use a lot is consuming a lot of time, you should probably look into changing the software or find an easier way of doing the task; this applies to an infinity of situations in the freelancing world, you just need to find what’s taking you more time, and reduce the spent minutes utilizing alternative tools or some sort of automation.

I could go on giving recommendations, but truth is, every person has different responsibilities and a distinct agenda, so just make sure to find the right balance between making money and the time it takes to do so, hopefully this tips help you.
Happy earning!

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