How To Recover From Bad Reviews

It happens to all of us. We make mistakes, but one of the worse things that can happen to a new freelancer in any platform is to get a bad review as their first one.
It is pretty hard to get back up after this, but we know from personal experience that it is possible, and that with some dedication, in a few days you will have your freelancing career back on track.
Here are some tips on how to overcome a bad review.

First, you will need to lower your price. A lot. As bad as it sounds, to get going again you need positive reviews, and it is very unlikely that an employer will give you the chance to do so if you don’t change your pricing. It may be very bad payment, but consider it necessary before getting paid what you expect in your field, this to overcome the bad review with a 5 star one.

Also, you may want to edit your project bids a little bit. You may want to include something along the lines of “I am trying to get better feedback, so your project will be done with the highest quality.”
Whether it makes a difference or not depends heavily on the employer, but it never hurts to add this extra piece of commitment to a job proposal.

When you manage to get in touch with your client, don’t bring up the topic unless you feel it is absolutely necessary. You will need to be more professional than ever, because a five-star feedback begins with professionalism and client attention.
Also, moving on with the client… You need to understand the project he is offering you. A 1-star feedback is pretty bad, but more than one of those can really affect you on the long run, so be sure to comprehend everything your client expects from you, and make those things absolutely perfect.

Finally, when you are working in the project make sure that you go the extra mile. You need to do so in order to get five star feedback. Not only after a bad review, but always. Impress your employer with something he didn’t expect.
If you are not getting clients to speak with you. Don’t give up, these things happen, and it has been proven time and time again that it is possible to overcome. Wish you the best of luck!

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