How to Overcome International Competition in Freelancer/Upwork/Elance

Working from home has been an emerging topic all over the world, however there are some countries in the world where working from home or “freelancing” has become more well-known, and more importantly, done by a larger number of people.

Zones in the world where working from home is trending are: United States, Mexico, Central and South America, India and the U.K.

If you sign-up to a freelancing platform, you will most likely see that a big number of the users is composed of people from these countries. These people are not different from users who live in other zones, as the internet offers the tools and the media to work from anywhere, with a computer and a Wi-Fi connection. But truth is that this trend causes employers to work with an exponentially higher number competition, and as a result, a strong reputation is built for people coming from those places, and of course, that is a big advantage if you come from those countries, but if you come from other countries and you do the following, you will find that it will not be a disadvantage either.

Firstly, you need to improve your profile, and you can do so following this article. If you follow the instructions with care, you will already have an advantage not only over people from abroad, but over every new freelancer who does not understand the importance of an attractive profile.

If you are a writer or a translator you will find that employers usually look for native speakers of the language they are looking their content to be written in, or translated to. Some employers need that because of geographical location, and you can’t do much about that, but the majority are just looking for someone with mastery in that language, so if you are not from Canada or the U.S. And employers are looking for native speakers, go ahead and write your bid. But do so with the highest English level, sometimes you will even out-do native speakers and get yourself the job.

There are a whole lot of aspects you can exploit to get yourself an advantage over people from the mentioned countries, but always look for out-doing people with quality and efficiency, as in the long-run it will be more beneficial, as this trend of new users is exactly that. A trend. If you make your best effort and work with quality there will be no “trend” that can stop you.

Thank you for reading, if you found this article interesting you can navigate this website for similar topics to become a better freelancer. Good luck!

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