Great Tools For Working at Home

Freelancing is a very interesting topic, becoming increasingly popular. If you are a freelancer, or if you are thinking to become one, you know that hard-work and talent are principles that will take you to the top.
Nevertheless, it is never wrong to take advantage of software tools that will make your workload more manageable, give a better result to your client and make you more money.
Designers usually have their own tools already, programmers do too most of the time, but we have noticed that there is not a culture of extra tools for writers other than Microsoft Word and Google Docs for collaboration, with this in mind we have put together some suggestions of softwares you can use to make your writing tasks easier:

Plagiarism Checker:
This is by far the most useful and reliable one, with a plagiarism checker you will be able to assure your client that your content is a hundred percent unique, as well as making sure you are not copying any other website by accident. You can use this in your bid to confirm your authenticity and even though that there are some websites online that could do the job, it is always better to go with a professional one, even if you need to pay for it as in the long run it will be useful in more occasions that you can imagine, even outside of the freelancing world. This tool also allows you to download reports for you to send to your client, and will help you look more professional.

Grammar Check Software
I know this may sound silly, but a good grammar checker may save you from “rookie” mistakes that a single read would miss.
There are specialized computer programs that not only check your grammar but they also make you aware of some more complex style errors, this will make a better writer since you will develop the skill of noticing yourself, but for the time being, you should try it.

It is important to note that this are computer programs and that they are NOT PERFECT, there will be errors here and there that even the best program would miss, and in the end we are all humans so no one is going to judge you too harshly if you make a single mistake.

These are only two tools, but for each function, there are a lot of software that do pretty much the same, so try them all and see which one gives you better results, trust us on this one, it will make work way easier.
Go on and try them, and give your client the best of your work.

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